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Cutting Edge Construction has been in business since 1991. We are a general contracting firm specializing in residential and commercial remodeling.

Over time we have built a reputation for high quality home and business remodels completed within budget and on schedule. Our projects begin with well-defined quotes based on client meetings and plan review. We outline cost details and savings options for all projects and create a product selection sheet as needed to aid the client in the process of choosing finish materials. We recommend product sourcing and design options on an as needed basis.

Cutting Edge Construction creates a courteous and respectful work environment at all our job sites. We understand that daily communication is essential in order to keep the client informed and the job moving forward. Project momentum is paramount. We work diligently to keep all aspects of your project well-coordinated and running smoothly. Weaving labor, materials and subcontractors together to bring the project to a swift conclusion, always keeping a close eye on safety and quality. We provide written change orders in a timely manner.

Cutting Edge Construction is an independent and privately owned and operated company. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. To summarize, we are a professional firm dedicated to providing a high quality product at a competitive price in a respectful and courteous fashion.

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